Carlo De Giorgi has been active for over 65 years as a producer. 

He started his career in the engineering industry (its flexible shafts are still used by industry leaders in the world) and then passing later on, in the fifties, in the field of dental equipment. 

Since then, the production De Giorgi is known about the primary dental markets worldwide. The interest of De Giorgi for world markets is evidenced by participation in major trade fairs and exhibitions. 

In addition, the stimulus for a continuous search for quality - in products such as service - is powered by the challenge that the De Giorgi gathers regularly to achieve the best levels of performance. 

The vast experience in the dental field and then in the manufacture and sale of medical devices , allowed to enter even in the medical, hospital and veterinary care with cutting-edge products with an excellent quality, price and efficient professional assistance in both commercial and after  sale. 

The range of products handled is still rising and the quest for quality and reliability is always at the top!